A little bit of nonsense goes a long way

"Follow your bliss." Joseph Campbell

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If you like the music you hear on this blog, go ahead and download it. It’s completely FREE! Yes, ITGWO’s music is free. Why? Because ITGWO is more of a philosophy than a band.

Into The Great Wide Open

That’s what it means. But what does it mean to go into the great wide open? It means EXPLORE. Get away from what you know, what is comfortable, safe, especially when it comes to what you ‘believe’ about yourself. YOU are the last frontier!

My songs are a parting gift to you.

With respect,

Caleb Nakia Rogers (ITGWO)

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had a big meal, still hungry for more
Drank too much wine and can’t walk straight
I’m a real nice guy but I hate myself
got everything I ever wanted but what I got just ain’t enough
to live right in this world, you gotta have the right stuff
well, I got cars and houses, Gucci trousers
a yacht made of solid gold
I got a plane, got a train, got fortune and fame
I bought everything ever sold
but it just ain’t enough…no, it just ain’t enough
went a little crazy and headed out the door
ain’t got two cents but I’m feeling great
‘cause I left those cars and houses, the three ex-spouses
that yacht made of solid gold
I quit the plane, quit the train, ditched the fortune and fame
went against all I was told
and it might be enough…yes, it might be enough
I’m a wandering man, whos leaning ‘bout himself
had everything I ever wanted, now what I got is just enough
living on the road, living light, living rough
now, I’ve got streams and mountains, fern-draped fountains
a sky of melting gold
I got right-a-ways and byways
highways and low-ways
adventures untold
and it’s more than enough, yes, it’s more than enough

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